Strip Retrofit Kit


The RXS series is an outstanding solution for industrial and commercial applications. The RXS optic has been optimized to provide maximum performance from either T5 or T8 lamps and its high efficiency package allows the benefits of third generation T8 systems to be applied in warehouses that use 8’ T12 fixtures. The primary benefits include exceptional color rendering, high system efficacy, 95% lumen maintenance, long lamp life, convenient lamp replacement, and reduced maintenance costs.


The RXS series uses the latest T8 technology with higher lumens and lumen maintenance, higher CRI, and greater energy efficiency than the T12 systems that they are replacing. 4-foot T5/T8 lamps are more convenient for storage and transportation.These lamps have longer life and a slimmer profile, which translates into reduced initial, maintenance and disposal costs.

Upgrading current T12 systems to energy-efficient fixtures using this retrofit kit typically reduces energy costs by 40%-50 % while maintaining existing light levels. Refer to retrofit guide on the next page to see different options. When paired with qualifying lamps and ballasts, retrofit could qualify for rebate opportunities.

WHITE: Enhanced white ballast cover offers high reflectance coating for an economic and energy efficient solution to increase light output. (91% reflectivity)
INDUSTRIAL: Premium mirrored/specular reflector utilizes precision-formed German-manufactured aluminum, delivering superb light levels to the work space. (95% reflectivity)

RXS Spec Sheet

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