High Performance Plasma High Bay

The SPECTRA Series Plasma High Bay delivers extreme intensity and high lumen output for high mounting applications. Superior color, long life, dimmability, and high efficiency allows this luminaire to outperform traditional HID high bays. Utilizing proprietary plasma technology, the electrodeless lamp and solid state driver enhance lighting quality. Precision-formed reflectors and micro-sized lamp deliver adequate light to working planes.

Warehouse, manufacturing facilities, retail, gymnasiums, grocery, industrial facilities.


High performance, cutting-edge die-cast magnesium resonator housing improves heat dissipation and reliability. Precision engineered and manufactured optics to optimize light delivery to the working plane. Features advanced heat management for efficient power supply and driver operation. Convenient single point suspension mounting.

Solid state driver with micro-processor technology delivers superior color performance and reduces color shift. Improved lumen maintenance versus traditional HID. Advanced dimming, monitoring, and communications capabilities.

Comes standard equipped with hook mount and cord.

Die formed, 95% reflectivity optical reflectors optimizes performance and light delivery. Single-point source mico-lamp allows for more precise control of optical distribution.

5-year limited warranty. See complete warranty terms for details.

SPE1000 Spec Sheet

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High Performance Plasma High Bay