Solid-State, Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology offers a myriad of advantages to general lighting applications. The highly efficacious, long life light source can be fully controlled, dimmed, and cycled on and off, revealing tremendous opportunities in energy savings through intelligent and adaptive lighting control scenarios. The controllable nature of LED creates endless possibilities of networking LED luminaires into smarter devices that can better communicate and interact with users and occupants. Emitting less heat results in lower room temperatures and a reduction in HVAC costs. LEDs are also suitable for low ambient temperature environments without start-up issues, such as cold storage, walk-in freezers, and cooler cases. Energy savings and demand reduction are optimized with LED due to being high-efficiency, long life for reduced maintenance, and compatibility with controls.


For many indoor applications, high-performance fluorescent lighting delivers the quality of light and energy efficiency that cannot yet be matched by newer technology. An economical solution to energy savings, Alphalite’s fluorescent line utilizes 4th generation electronic ballast technology, high lumen and high CRI lamps, reduced wattage systems, and integrated-controls to meet the demands of indoor spaces. With a long heritage of manufacturing and market acceptability, fluorescent systems offer the advantages of quick ROI, standardized components, replaceability, high efficacy, and comfortable light.


Plasma lighting technology utilizes the benefits of HID lighting, while making drastic improvements in life ratings, energy efficiency, and lighting quality. The miniature-sized lamp of produces extremely high light output and intensity. The lamp is electrodeless, resulting in longer life than traditional filament lamps. For high mounting heights, maintenance costs are an important factor, so Plasma’s long life delivers significant savings. With a high CRI and a broad color spectrum, lighting quality offers the benefits of enhanced appeal of the lit environment, superior merchandising in retail spaces, increased visibility, and better safety and security. Alphalite’s solid-state driver has built in controls and communications capabilities, opening up the possibility for networked control, digital scheduling and timing, and advanced lighting controls. Plasma offers the intensity that other new technology cannot match, while also delivering energy savings, great quality light, superior color, long life, and controllability.