LLB Series

Linear LED Low Bay

The LLB Series Linear LED Low Bay delivers high lumen output, long life, dimming capabilities, and no restrike time. This energy-efficient LED luminaire offers one-to-one replacement of existing HID or fluorescent high bays. Precision-formed reflectors delivers adequate light in low bay applications. Module driver and LED arrays. Economic solution to optimize payback. Capable of being operated with occupancy sensor

  • Linear form factor allows for easy sensor integration
  • Long Life
  • High Efficacy LED system
  • High Lumen output
  • Optimized for fast payback and ROI
  • Modules and power supply are replaceable

  • High performance LED engine delivers illumination in high mounting applications
  • Solid State components offer long life, reduced maintenance costs
  • Energy-saving
  • Life not affected by on/off switching and sensor-integration
  • Improve safety, security and productivity with high quality of light
  • Sustainable replacement solution to HID and Fluorescent
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Standard components make luminaire serviceable

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