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LED Linear High Bay

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Plasma Grow Light for Horticulture

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Enhanced Safety and Security.

Alpha LED Wall Pack

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Advanced Plasma Technology

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  • – Auto Dealership –

    With both outdoor and indoor spaces being the showroom, car dealerships demand both areas to have superb lighting. Alphalite’s proprietary Plasma technology delivers high intensity, high lumen output to the car surface, enhancing the appeal and visibility of the high value merchandise. With higher efficacy and more than 40% energy savings compared to HID, plasma lighting reduces operating costs. The electrodeless lamp lasts longer than HID, reducing costly maintenance. Indoor offices and showroom can benefit from energy-saving, long life LED solutions.

  • – Education –

    Facilities for education and learning require a high level of user control. Alphalite has an array of solutions that provide manual dimming and occupancy sensor integration to improve the function and quality of lighting while reducing energy consumption. Facility managers and operators can count on solutions that reduce maintenance, increase efficiency, and lower energy costs. The quality and performance of Alpahlite’s LED lighting can improve occupant, both student and educator, comfort and productivity.

  • Parking

    Parking structures and areas can benefit from Alphalite’s high-efficiency and sensor-integrated lighting solutions. With occupancy levels constantly changing, the dynamic environment of parking structures demand luminaires with advanced controls and minimum light levels for safety and security. Alphalite offers several options to create multi-level lighting scenarios, based on occupancy or ambient light levels. High performance fluorescent and LED offer energy-savings with lower wattage, while sensors reduce demand.

  • Retail

    Alphalite luminaires can assist retailers in enhancing merchandise appearance, customer foot traffic, and attractiveness of products and retail space. Reduced operating costs can also be achieved through energy savings and demand reduction, resulting in better store performance.

  • -Horticulture-

    An emerging and fast-growing market in North America, indoor gardening and horticulture typically utilize inefficient, arc-tube gas discharge lamps, such as high pressure sodium and metal halide. While providing high intensity, HID lighting has short life, high energy consumption, low efficacy, and poor color control. Alphalite’s proprietary Plasma Technology offers a gamechanging breakthrough in lighting for plant-growth. Advanced Plasma Lighting delivers the benefits of long life, tremendous energy-savings (up to 60%), superior color control,full spectrum, and high intensity.